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Gayatri Anticorrosive Lining is a manufacturer of all Acid/Alkali proof mortars. We undertake turnkey job for all Acid/Alkali proof lining. We also specialize in Effluent Treatment Plants. Our range of Acid/Alkali Proof Mortar includes Silicate Base, Furan Base, Phenolic Base, Epoxy Base, Sulpher Base, Coaltar Base and Bituminous Mastic base.

CNSL Base Mortar, GAYNUT – Y is a Silica filled, cashew-nut oil base resin. Non-porous, self-hardening and relatively plastic in nature.

When GAYNUT-Y is set and cooled, impermeable dense cement is obtained. It is resistant to a wide range of acid, alkali, water and hydrofluoric acid. It is used in laying and pointing of acid proof bricks & tiles for the construction of acid resistant tank linings and flooring surfaces.

GAYNUT-Y can be safely used as joining material for joining pipes lines which are used for transporting corrosive fluids like alkali, solvent, acid and oil.,Furfural Base Mortar

GAYFUR Furfural resin cement is a versatile cement, which would not only with sand non-oxidizing acids, solvents, salts & grease but also alkalis and detergents at temperature up to 170°C.,Silicate Base Mortar,

GAYREX is the standard silicate cement, which is developed to solve corrosion problem involving oxidizing acids. It is the only cement that will resist high temperature and highly concentrated solutions.

Sulpher Base Mortar, GAYBOND is a plasticized hot-pour sulpher base cement, which is used in industries for joining acid proof bricks in lining reaction vessels, sumps, pickling tank and in construction of industrial floor & storage tanks.,Epoxy (Self Leveling) GAL -SL is based on high performance epoxy resin & curing agents. It is a three-component system containing resin, curing agent and carefully graded iron free fillers. GAl-SL is used in automobile, pharmaceutical, food processing and electronic industries.

CNSL Products:
Base Mortar, Furfural Base Mortar, Silicate Base Mortar, Sulpher Base Mortar, Phenolic Base Mortar, Bituminous Primer & Compound, Epoxy (Self Leveling), Epoxy (Screeding Material), Epoxy (Crack Filling Mortar),

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